Painting Sketchbook 2

I’ve never been the type of artist to explore a specific idea the way a fine artist might. I have always jumped from subject to subject, never making 2 paintings related to each other. These explorations are working on the idea that there’s a place where you are, but your mind and body aren’t. I want to keep exploring this idea because there are a lot of facets and a deep well of understanding to illuminate. I’ve been thinking of these as paint sketches; explorations to someday paint “for real” when I am in a place to do so. I am doubtful that the day will come, but the practice will help me when I am in a place to make art on a larger scale again.

This page didn’t go the way I hoped, but the lessons learned will be valuable, I suspect. Drew too many petals, couldn’t make the person glow. I’m still not happy, but it’s time to move on and try again. I don’t have the vibrant colors I needed, which can be limiting when working with markers. I didn’t think Tombow Fude pens bled, but with alcohol-based markers they will if you’re scrubbing them, so I go some muddy colors. I really, REALLY overworked this! On the other side, I am loving the marker/gelly roll combo. Gelly Roll pens are seriously underrated! 🙂