Popsicle Horror

I got into doing this pattern yesterday. It’s for my twitter page. twitter.com/jeremyforson. The last couple years I’ve been struggling to reconcile two very different parts of my personality. One part comes from my teenage and college years being influenced by punk and hardcore, and the other comes from my post college years where I came to realize that I was gay. The ensuing dawn of all pervasive happiness strongly affected my tastes in almost everything, but especially in my art. There was a difficult time when my affinity for pink was seeping into record covers for metal bands. The way I’ve dealt with this duality is to do some pieces that were very dark, and others that were total pop. Now I’ve figured out what I need to do, which is combine them. I think it’s been occurring in the last few paintings, but now that I’ve got my head around what’s happening, the direction is much more clear. I’m calling the style Popsicle Horror because it sounds exactly like the look I have in mind. It has a nice ring as well. I would characterize the style as mixing horror and macabre with a touch of comedy, and fun, saturated, colors. I don’t think I’m the first or only artist with a “Popsicle Horror” style either. I’ll leave it to you to judge who might be described in that way.

2 thoughts on “Popsicle Horror

  1. God I love this!

    You are totally right, combining dark with bold, bright and "happy" is so good, especially if that is how you feel.

    I can tell this piece comes from the heart, the imagery is just so care free – works wicked as a background too!

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