Snow Ninja 2: The Comeback

Continuation of my Popsicle Horror theme I suppose. The finish is very different from the color rough, but luckily it looks better (to me). Sometimes it goes the other way. I’m seeing my work moving fast away from reality. I think it started with tattoo’s, and now that’s transforming into a tattoo/comics/animation hybrid. I’m going to be playing with that. I really envy people who can draw characters well, and I want to improve on that part of my game. A lot of painters tend to depict the same character over and over again. Here’s some links to people I’ve been admiring lately.


Found this article about making caricatures from Mad Magazine. Interesting stuff, I’d like to tone it down a little because sometimes those types of caricatures look too distorted and freak me out.

I’ve always been a huge animation fan, and I guess that’s starting to come through. Definitely worth checking out is John K’s blog (creator of Ren and Stimpy). Ren and Stimpy is one of the best shows ever made.

Also Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl, Gorillaz) who is apparently too big to even need a website.

There’s a lot of good English and European comics guys, I think, that I just don’t know about, so I’m looking into that. Check out Mick McMahon (the site’s being weird, sorry if it doesn’t come up). Cool Stuff!

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