Colored sketchbook pages 2

New sketchbook page with digital color! While I love the look of black and white drawings, they don’t feel complete without color. The challenge for me is leaving it at “sketch” and not get into fully rendered illustration. Resisting the temptation to add shadows and highlights!

On these pages, I practiced foreground character with dialog, a nature study of what I learned is called Rubber Rabbitbrush (which is practically the entire landscape in Nevada, but I always just called it “sagebrush.”) There’s a cyclops for no reason, a landscape study from a day I spent in the park with my daughter, a waterfall scene to practice environments, a coopers hawk after I saw one in my yard (it might have been a prairie falcon, I’m learning more about native birds), an action scene with a humanoid. Often I’m drawing human-like things as stand-ins for characters I don’t want to invent just now, it’s just a composition exercise. Then I drew a car because I reeeeally need to practice drawing cars and other machines. I still refuse to do proper perspective because it’s difficult in a sketchbook and because I’m making these for fun, and rulers aren’t fun!

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