Legacy of Light

Contribution: Lead UI, UX, Visual Design, UI animation.
Tools: Photoshop, Pixate, Invision, Cinema4D, After Effects.
Developer: GREE International Inc.

Legacy of Light was a build-and-battle strategy game, and the sequel to War of Nations (WoN) developed at GREE.

Game Screens

World Map, troop inventory, commander summoning, and purchasing a resource building.
Commander frame designs indicating rarity. Portrait art created by various GREE artists.


The inception of Legacy of Light was to create a new game that built on the success of War of Nations, but more accessible to mid-core players.

In the pre-production phase we were exploring the fantasy theme in terms of materials, colors, realistic vs stylistic, and hardcore/mid-core balance. The lore of the game and characters were being developed concurrently.

Here we were dialing in the visual design. Because of limited space on mobile devices, keeping ornamentation to a minimum is ideal. I wanted to have enough art to express the theme, but not so much that it lost it’s deference to the content or made the dialogs too crowded.

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