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Comics and I have a checkered history. I’m tried to make a comic book more times than I can remember and failed. If you’ve never tried, there’s something you should know: It’s way harder than it looks! Anyways, I’m thinking that since I can’t seem to get myself off the ground as a penciler, maybe I’ll try doing inks first, getting into it, then try to more to pencils when I’m ready. I was looking through my comic related stuff for some pencil photocopies I got from Dark Horse, and I found these old comics. They are really bad, holy crap. I don’t mind seeing my old work and shivering at how bad it is, because it makes me realize that I have progressed. The ninja comic I hardly remember doing, but I think I had just gotten one of my wisdom teeth removed, and I’m sure that this ridiculous story was something I just daydreamed afterward. These comics are sooo bad, but I’m ashamed to admit, that I have story ideas, like this ALL the time. I might look like I’m having some deep contemplative moment, but this is probably what’s going through my mind. The odd thing to me, is that when I’m tried to draw serious stories, I don’t get past the first or second page. I lose steam really fast. I think when it’s funny (subjectively) like this, I have a lot of fun making them, and I make it through.

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  1. Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about– that comic with the birds pooping on everything was fantastic! Sure the text was hard to read, and there were nutball disjointed parts of the story, and some of the language was sophomoric, but the whole concept, and the execution of the drawings beats the pants off of so many other comics out there.

    You did the right thing by posting these. If only you could take them to NY Comic Con this weekend. It’s gonna be ‘tarded.

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