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Got a chance to make logo for League of War, a game that came out today for iOS.  I made the base of the logo in Illustrator, then took it into Cinema 4D to extrude, texture, light, and render. I had some heavy rivets going around the sides, but ultimately decided they were not adding much to the design, and looked somewhat cluttered.

Doing typography work has become one of my favorite things. I get teased a lot by the 3D artists for using Cinema 4D, but I love the program. It’s really easy to pick up, fun, intuitive, and powerful. I recommend it if you are thinking of learning a 3D package, but are really only interested in motion graphics, static images, and film. It’s not really ideal for in-game models, although it may be possible.

One thought on “League of War logo

  1. Hey,

    I just found this game LEAGUE OF WAR and it is one of my all time favorites now! Great job on the Title screen. It looks great and matches the feel of the game in a cool way.


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