Head Labs

This is a Flash Project I did a little while back. I had so much fun that I thought I would do a lot more Flash animation projects, but it looks like my life is heading in a different direction. I’m not sure how technical I can get of this blog without losing you guys, but I’m gonna go ahead and explain the project anyway. It started off as an HMTL5 project that was meant to just be for fun and learning. I thought I would do some simple animations in Flash and use Grant Skinner’s ZoĆ« air application to export sprite sheets that I could manipulate with javaScript. Well, I ended up getting really into the Flash animation part, and what I thought would be around 25 frames ended up being around 180 (even though it’s shot in 2s). The sprites (as you see here) got to be WAY TOO BIG to use, as they are 1.2 MB, whereas the Flash swf was only 143 KB. I probably could have cut down the number of sprite images by programmatically jumping around the frames, but it seemed too tedious. I decided that this kind of animation was not going to work for sprites, and since I basically already had it built in Flash, I continued in that direction. Then in further digression from the goal, I started doing sounds. I had no idea how to do that, so I taught myself Adobe Soundbooth, and got pretty good results considering that I just used the mic on my laptop.

The project lives here: Head Labs Site

Young Lions 2.0


I have some down time so I’ve been working on my more marketable skills. I am in need of employment, and I’ve been applying for jobs doing Flash, but I didn’t have anything to show what I can do. Basically, I worked for a year and 4 months as a Flash developer, but when I was laid off I didn’t have anything I could keep or claim as my own. I have another site I designed for Blues that was never built out, so that will be my next project. Fact is that even though the past year and a half of painting has been fun, after doing my taxes the numbers were clear: I need to put that part of my life on the back burner. What’s nice, though, is that I’m not too sad about it. I miss working with people, and getting out of the house, a steady paycheck, and being challenged.

I’m happy with the way this site turned out, and the improvement over the original is pretty drastic, if I say so myself. I think the time I’ve been spending studying design sites has helped.

If you’re a glutton for punishment you can see the original site here: