Born Anchors CD cover

I worked on a CD cover for Born Anchors. It never really made it to completion, so this is it’s last manifestation. The colors, concept, and type are not mine. This is kind of a sad job for me. I like the guys in the band, and the music, and I wish that the concept they wanted had worked out, but it didn’t. I was not creatively active on this assignment, my role was more of “the hand.” I just drew whatever the guy I was working with wanted and didn’t really participate in the concept or anything. The comics style portraits I did on my own at one time in the process, they might become buttons. I like them a lot, even though they’re certainly a departure for me. I’ve been playing around with a lot of different styles lately, and the projects that I’ve been conceptualizing have been all over the map. This was when I was thinking a lot about developing a comic book style. I’ll be the first to admit a strong influence from Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl, Gorillaz). Fun though. But yeah, the cover, not so much. I’m not sure where it went wrong, but it surely did.

Born Anchors Flyer

I understand that the tiny parts that make up cells were all formally small independent organisms that formed symbiotic relationships with each-other. This means that large animals like you and I are made up of an inconceivable amount of small animals. This idea just blows my mind. I’ve been meaning to make a piece about it for some time, and I thought it would fit well for this project. I thought it would be cool to think of it as larger animals. Here I’m also showing my love of scientific illustration, only I gave it a more edgy style (it’s for a rock band after all). I’m CRAZY about illustrations of cells, skin layers, and other microscopic things. I think they’re just fantastic so I do things like this from time to time. Acrylic on wood, 8×10

Born Anchors Tee

This band shares members with Heiress. They apparently like the work I did for them and wanted me to come up with a shirt. I think they’re a really good band, and I had fun (trying) to do something more light hearted to suit their music. They sent me a preview of their idea for placement, and I think it looks really nice, I’m excited to see how the come out. I hadn’t even thought of placing it there, but it looks like it was made for it. I’m happy that this was a successful endeavor after hearing that Tristan Tzara went with the original art, even though the label guy liked it.