Nom Neow

Here’s something you might not know about me: I always want to draw comics, but I don’t because it is SO HARD!!!! I really tried to get this done as-fast-as possible…and it still took a month of drawing at breakneck speed! On a Cintiq too! Granted, that’s in my free time, which is usually a little at lunch and maybe an hour in the evening. I don’t know how web comic artists can hold down a full-time job and make a few pages a week, hats off to them.

That being said, I did manage to make a colored* comic that’s about 10 pages long, plus a cover, and that’s much more than my previous record of 5 pages, black and white. I’d love to make more of these in the future.

*Limited palette, but I think it counts!

Northman Portrait

Been a long time since I produced any personal work, but I’m happy to have completed something new. I painted this on my iPad, which I’m sure a lot of people aren’t happy about, but that’s really the only way I can paint now. I simply don’t have the time, or even a place, to do traditional work. A lot of this was done on the bus to and from work. When making art on a bus “undo” is crucial! The way I think about illustration and my technique has changed a lot due to my job, where I’m working with 3D software a lot. It has made me think more about light, shadows, and texture than I ever did before.

Because of the process of working in Procreate there isn’t any sketches or roughs to show. I made a thumbnail, then scaled it up and painted over it, which is a lot like what I was doing in my acrylic paintings, only without all the scanning and printing.

I apparently love painting hair haha!

League of War logo

Got a chance to make logo for League of War, a game that came out today for iOS.  I made the base of the logo in Illustrator, then took it into Cinema 4D to extrude, texture, light, and render. I had some heavy rivets going around the sides, but ultimately decided they were not adding much to the design, and looked somewhat cluttered.

Doing typography work has become one of my favorite things. I get teased a lot by the 3D artists for using Cinema 4D, but I love the program. It’s really easy to pick up, fun, intuitive, and powerful. I recommend it if you are thinking of learning a 3D package, but are really only interested in motion graphics, static images, and film. It’s not really ideal for in-game models, although it may be possible.