Young Lions 2.0

I have some down time so I’ve been working on my more marketable skills. I am in need of employment, and I’ve been applying for jobs doing Flash, but I didn’t have anything to show what I can do. Basically, I worked for a year and 4 months as a Flash developer, but when I was laid off I didn’t have anything I could keep or claim as my own. I have another site I designed for Blues that was never built out, so that will be my next project. Fact is that even though the past year and a half of painting has been fun, after doing my taxes the numbers were clear: I need to put that part of my life on the back burner. What’s nice, though, is that I’m not too sad about it. I miss working with people, and getting out of the house, a steady paycheck, and being challenged.

I’m happy with the way this site turned out, and the improvement over the original is pretty drastic, if I say so myself. I think the time I’ve been spending studying design sites has helped.

If you’re a glutton for punishment you can see the original site here:


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