Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

Contribution: Lead UI, UX, Visual Design.
Tools: Photoshop, Unity3D, Cinema4D, Pixate.
Developer: Rumble Entertainment.

Alliance is a hero collection RPG from Rumble Entertainment. My contribution to the project covered all of the UI and UX, including production pipeline, tools, flows, wireframes, prototypes, user research, visual design, UI and 2D character animations, and front-end implementation in Unity3D.

Game logo made in Illustrator and Cinema4D

Game Screens


In pre-production, my first task was making a data outline to determine scope. This was accomplished by reviewing the GDD, and researching competitive games on the market. Creating a data outline allowed me to successfully make timeline estimates for production, and was useful in creating the flows and wireframes, as well as engineering cost estimates.

In order to facilitate rapid iteration, I created the entire game out of very rough drawings, then made them into a tappable prototype using Marvel App. This allowed me to focus on the flows and high-level framework, without getting caught up in aesthetics, as well as test and iterate quickly with the team and stakeholders.

Most of the interactions in Alliance can be understood with a tappable, web-based prototype tool like Marvel App or Invision. When designing interactions that were too complicated for Marvel, I would use Pixate or Origami to create a demo. Once the screen flow and UI animation tools were created, I moved to making prototypes directly in Unity.

Data Outline and purposefully rough information wireframes
Tappable Prototype

Visual Design Process

After completing the wireframes and interaction prototypes I created a style guide for Alliance. I was able to quickly develop a style the team was pleased with based on a “magitech” theme.

Visual design exploration

Final Screens

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