Graf Orlock Kali shirt

So a little while ago, I saw Blues when they were here, and they here about to do a few dates with Graf Orlock, I told Jeremy (from Blues) to tell them that I’d like to do a shirt, and it happened! I love that. I’ve long admired their package designs and shirts, so I was really glad to be able to work with them. Stephen from Greyskull is now playing with them (now Sven), so I’m sure that helped as well. Sven told me about what they wanted, and I was stoked to draw it. It’s Temple of Doom themed, Kali standing on Indiana, holding the head of short round. I think Hindu imagery and mythology is fascinating. Really fun project. It was nice to be able to design a 4 color shirt as well, I’m always pleading with bands to use more colors, because they always look better, but most shy away due to the rise in cost. I did a ton of variations in color, and I really don’t know what it will end up looking like, especially since once I gave them the PSD, they can really do whatever they want with it.

3 thoughts on “Graf Orlock Kali shirt

  1. about 10 years late, but i lost this shirt in somewhere around '10. if you happen to be sitting on one in the m-xl spectrum, be glad to take it off ya. sick work dude.

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