Valentines Day present

Yeah, I do cute sometimes. Umm, what else to say….Oh! Technical stuff. This is on a piece of multimedia paper (get some from Moses at the artist and craftsman supply, it’s cheap and rad) mounted to a pre-made art board (from the same store). It was a good way to work. I got the joy of working on paper, but it was presentable without a frame, which is always a plus. I used orange and violet. I wrote those colors off in 2002 after an illustration went terribly wrong in Randy Chavez’s class, but I decided to try again. It was troublesome, but in the end I overcame their powerful vibrancy and unpredictable tinting strengths. I wanted to make something cute, but not cliche, no hearts and such. I actually have lots of fun drawing things like this, but metal bands don’t usually request it. Whatchagonnado. Oh, and I think I’m going to start putting my name of things, not with one of those awful watermarks, but as I did here. I know my images get distributed all over the world, and usually in blogs and such they link to my site, but I wonder if sometimes they don’t. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

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