Northman Portrait

Been a long time since I produced any personal work, but I’m happy to have completed something new. I painted this on my iPad, which I’m sure a lot of people aren’t happy about, but that’s really the only way I can paint now. I simply don’t have the time, or even a place, to do traditional work. A lot of this was done on the bus to and from work. When making art on a bus “undo” is crucial! The way I think about illustration and my technique has changed a lot due to my job, where I’m working with 3D software a lot. It has made me think more about light, shadows, and texture than I ever did before.

Because of the process of working in Procreate there isn’t any sketches or roughs to show. I made a thumbnail, then scaled it up and painted over it, which is a lot like what I was doing in my acrylic paintings, only without all the scanning and printing.

I apparently love painting hair haha!

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